Spelunker Z

Go spelunking!

In Spelunker World, your goal is to explore mysterious caves and find the legendary treasures waiting in their deepest depths. First, select a stage to explore from the World Map! By clearing a stage, you'll be able to progress even further!

Head for the goal!

Many dangers lie within the caves! Falling into holes, getting caught up in traps, or coming in contact with cave dwellers will cost you a life. Utilize jumping, your portable fan, bombs, and flares to make it through the caves. Be careful that your energy doesn't run out! Overcome all of these obstacles to reach your goal in the heart of the cave!

Collect Litho-orbs!

Besides the variety of treasures found in the caves, you can also find mysterious items known as Litho-orbs. Litho-stone fragments are found within Litho-orbs, and are necessary for obtaining items like equipment and pets. Be sure to pick them up. What Litho-stone fragments are contained within will be revealed during the Litho-stone Evaluation after completing a stage.

Customize your very own Spelunker

You can obtain equipment and pets by collecting all the Litho-stone fragments! Pets each have their own special abilities that can aid Spelunkers. Equipment will increase the Spelunker's abilities when worn. Put on powerful equipment and bring along a pet for a great advantage in your adventures!

Improving Pets and Equipment

Pets and equipment can be further improved by synthesizing them with duplicates or by using upgrade items. If you have upgraded items, you'll be able to take on places that proved difficult before...perhaps. What might happen if you were to synthesize identical equipment that has reached its highest level...?

Doggie Digging

If you're having trouble gathering Litho-stone fragments, it's time to bring out the Spelunker's beloved pooch. Give your pooch its favorite candy, and it will set out on a hunt for items! This might even uncover rare treasures once in a while...

Enjoy all sorts of Events!

A variety of events will be held periodically, such as "Gold Rush" where you can get lots of Gold, or the "Rare Materials Dig" where you can find upgrade items! There will also be collaboration events and exclusive stage events! There are exclusive items that can only be found during these events, so be sure to join in!

Ever-deeper caves

You'll be exploring an immense underground world in this game. Stages will keep becoming available, and it may not be easy to make it to the bottom. Improve your pets and equipment, and keep heading down! Find the legendary treasure!