Spelunker Z


There was once a Spelunker who dared to brave the caverns of the world despite his frail body. After discovering the location of a cave which held legendary treasure, he equipped himself for whatever might lie ahead and journeyed within. Alas, he never returned... Ten years have passed... Now, you are an amateur Spelunker! Follow in the footsteps of your father who disappeared 10 years ago as you head out on your first real spelunking adventure. Find your father and the legendary treasure!


As an amateur Spelunker, the basic rule of adventuring is to head deep into a cave to find the mysteries that lie in its depths. A variety of traps, creatures, and even wicked ghosts within the caves will stand in your way!

Jump over dangerous pitfalls! Use bombs to blow up boulders that block the way! Use flares to keep bats and their guano at a distance! Blow away spooky ghosts with your portable fan! There are many ways to use your items. Search all over the stage, collect items, and head to the goal deep within!

"Solo Expedition"

In the "Solo Expedition" mode, you'll go spelunking on your own. There will be no one to help you, so you'll need to take extreme care. You can choose to continue after all lives have been lost, however this consumes Moon Gems.

"Group Expedition"

In "Group Expedition", up to 6 players can explore caves together online. The merits of exploring together are too numerous to count. When you work together, making it through a cave is a cinch. Litho-orbs are given to all players, no matter who finds them. You can find items that could not be acquired by just one person. Even if you run out of lives, you can be revived if a friend touches you in time! Work together to overcome the dangerous caves!

Items and "Litho-orbs"

In this game, you can change your Spelunker's equipment. Equipment is made by collecting the "Litho-orbs" found in caves. Each piece of equipment can contain a mysterious force that improves a Spelunker's abilities. Equipment also changes your look, so you can put together your very own costume to show off to your friends!


Making their first appearances in this game, these adorable partners are here to help Spelunkers. For example, Snowball is excellent at seeking out treasure and will dig up hidden Litho-orbs in caves. A variety of other pets are available, so be sure to look for them!