Spelunker World Information


About Upcoming Schedule (1/30)


Thank you for playing SPELUNKER WORLD.

As we have already announced, the service of SPELUNKER WORLD will be concluded on July 29th 2020, 8:00 PM PDT.
To thank all the players, we will be opening the events and Doggie Digging as follows:

The Events below will be open from January 30th 2020, 0:00 AM PST.

Original Spelunker Special
Cave Academy Event
Ninja Cave
The Tale of Oedo Cave Event
Summer Vacation Event
Kung Fu Cave
Royal Treasure Excavation Tour
All Star Pets
Challenge to the Strongest Explorer
Gold Rush
Rare Materials Dig

<Doggie Digging Tunnel of Legend>
Below items will be available until July 29th 8:00 PM PDT.

Spelunker's Helmet Spelunker's Clothes
Lady Spelunker's Helmet Lady Spelunker's Clothes
Spelunkette Satchel Spelunkette's Sister Satchel
Spelunker Satchel Dark Spelunker Satchel
Ninja Hood Ninja Outfit
Kunoichi Headband Kunoichi Outfit
Pigtails School Fashion
Lace Headband Maid Dress Rabbit Satchel
Swimsuit Duck Inner Tube
Flower Corsage Frilly Swimsuit Duck Inner Tube
Feudal Hair Feudal Haori and Hakama
Princess Hairstyle Princess Kimono Princess Fan
Rock Star Stage Costume Rock Star Mic
Idol Hairstyle Idol Stage Costume Idol Mic
Kung Fu Style Kung Fu Uniform Kung Fu Staff
Bun Hair Cheongsam Bullseye Pattern Umbrella
Prince's Crown Prince's Hose
Princess's Tiara Princess's Dress
Snowball Tom Polly
Bella Perle Kuro
Toto Terry Mary
Millie Pico Pipi
Tete Faerie Chief  
Rough Yellow Amber Other 3 stars items

In Doggie Chance, the above items, excluding the 3-Star Items and Rough Yellow Amber, will be available.

You can check the available items from the "Item List" in the "Doggie Digging" screen.
(Items are subject to change without prior notice.) 


The Weekly Ranking will be closed after the Ranking ends on January 29th, 2020 23:59 PST.
Overall Ranking and Endless Cave Ranking will be continued until the end of the service.


We hope you enjoy SPELUNKER WORLD until the end of the service.