Spelunker World Information


Event Information (Updated 12/21)


1. Chirstmas Special Items!!

2. Kung Fu Cave! Event Revival

3. Final Fantasy Collaboration Event Revival

4. Pet Event NEW!

5. This week's Time Attack Grand Prix and Time Attack GP Excavation Events NEW!

6. This Week's Doggie Digging: Tunnel of Legend Items


1. Chirstmas Special Items!

Period: November 30th 2017 0:00AM to December 27th 2016 23:59PM (PST)


It's Christmas time! Time-limited Christmas items are available in the Tunnel of Legend!

Click here for item details.


2. Kung Fu Cave! Event Revival

Event Period : December 14th 2017 0:00AM (PST) to January 10th 2018 23:59AM (PST)


We are reviving "Kung Fu Cave!" event!

Get the special items in a special stage and at Doggie Digging "Tunnel of Legend"!

Special Stage Pick-up Items: Kung Fu Style, Kung Fu Uniform, Kung Fu Staff

Tunnel of Legend Items: Bun Hair, Cheongsam, Bullseye Pattern Umbrella

Click here for item details!


3. Final Fantasy Collaboration Event Revival

Event period: November 30th 2017 0:00AM (PST) to December 27th 2017 23:59PM (PST)


There are a wealth of abilities with Ninja items! Some ★3 items may feature additional lives as an ability. Some other items include abilities such as increased initial bomb stock + speed boost while crouching, and protection against spikes + gas vent protection.
Further improve your items by collecting materials from Rare Materials Dig stage and then upgrade your items!

Special stages will feature pick ups separately for male and female costumes. During the event period, Doggie Digging will also feature items that can be picked up.
Whether Spelunker can safely come back from the cave is for you to see!

Click here for item details


4. Pet Event "Terry"

Event period: December 21st 2017 0:00AM (PST) to December 28th 23:59AM(PST)


Click here for pet details


5. Weekly Time Attack Grand Prix and Time Attack GP Excavation Events

Event period: December 21st 0:00AM (PST) to December 24th 2017 23:59AM (PST)


Time Attack World GP is now entering its second season!

During the World Grand Prix event, use 10 cakes in the Tunnel of Legend at Doggie Digging to activate Doggie Chance.

You are guaranteed to win one item that may have an ability useful for improving your time on the GP stage in session!

Improve your items and beat your best time!

Click here for Recommended Item Details


6. This Week's Doggie Digging: Tunnel of Legend Items Updated!

Excavation items in Doggie Digging: Tunnel of Legend have been updated!

4 star items are now easier to get, so don't miss it!


This week's item lineup (to be updated every 2 weeks)

Period: November 16th 2017 0:00AM (PST) to November 29th 2017 23:59AM (PST)

Santa's Hat Santa's Coat Santa's Sack
Santa Girl's Hat Santa Girls's Coat Santa Girl's Sack
Bun Hair Cheongsam Bullseye Pattern Umbrella
Kung Fu Style Kung Fu Uniform Kung Fu Staff
Ace's Hairstyle Ace's Uniform Ace's Cards
Rem's Hairstyle Rem's Uniform Rem's Daggers
Snowball Tom Polly
Bella Perle Kuro
Toto Terry Mary
Millie Pico Pipi
Tete Faerie Chief  
Rough Blue Amber Rough Yellow Amber Other 3 stars items

(Items are subject to change without prior notice)

You can check the available items from the "Item List" in the "Doggie Digging" screen.



Hope you enjoy the game!