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Item Reshuffle of Doggie Digging: Tunnel of Legend



From June 9th 2016 01:00AM (PDT),

items available for excavation at "Doggie Digging: Tunnel of Legend"

will be renewed for every event and will replace items formerly available.


Items which will be available for excavation from June 9th

(Items are subject to change without prior notice)

New event item #1 New event item #2 New event item #3
New event item #4 New event item #5 New event item #6
Adept Explorer's Hat Adept Explorer's Clothes Adept Explorer's Bag
Lady Explorer's Hat Lady Explorer's Clothes Lady Explorer's Bag
Snowball Tom Polly
Bella Perle Kuro
Toto Terry Mary
Millie Pico Pipi
Tete Faerie Chief  
Rough Blue Amber Rough Yellow Amber Other 3 stars items

 New items #1 to #6 will be unveiled on June 9th, so stay tuned!

You can check the available items from "Item List" in the "Doggie Digging" screen.



Items which will not be available for excavation from June 9th

(Some items may appear again in the future, so don't miss it!)

Spelunker's Helmet Spelunker's Clothes
Lady Spelunker's Helmet Lady Spelunker's Clothes
Tiara of Isis  Lara's Clothes Lara's Satchel
Headdress of Horus Garb of Horus  Staff of Osiris
FB777's Sunglasses FB777's Outfit FB777's Keyboard
KIKKUN's Hairstyle KIKKUN's Outfit KIKKUN's Electric Guitar
Aroma's Hair Decoration Aroma's Outfit Aroma's Demon Mask
eoheoh's Mask eoheoh's Outfit eoheoh's Satchel
Randi's Bandanna Randi's Outfit Mana Sword
Primm's Hairstyle Primm's Outfit Aura Gloves
Popoi's Ears Popoi's Outfit Popoi's Wand
Neptune's Hair Decoration Neptune's Outfit Histy Satchel
Uzume's Hair Decoration Uzume's Outfit Umio Pouch
Arthur's Hairstyle Arthur's Outfit Arthur's Sword
Merlin's Hairstyle Merlin's Outfit Merlin's Wand
Nimue's Hat Nimue's Outfit Nimue's Vacuum Cleaner
Gentleman Spy's Hairstyle Gentleman Spy's Wingsuit Gentleman Spy's Hook
Lady Spy's Hairstyle Lady Spy's Wingsuit Lady Spy's Hook
Ninja Hood Ninja Outfit Ninja Short Sword
Kunoichi Headband Kunoichi Outfit Kunoichi Sickle and Chain
Ace's Hairstyle Ace's Uniform Ace's Cards
Rem's Hairstyle Rem's Uniform Rem's Daggers
MOOGLE Headpiece MOOGLE Uniform MOOGLE Wings
Pigtails School Fashion School Girl Glasses
Lace Headband Maid Dress Rabbit Satchel
Feudal Hair Feudal Haori and Hakama Feudal Fan
Princess Hairstyle Princess Kimono Princess Fan


Thank you for playing Spelunker World and we hope you enjoy the game!